Dear Parents..

AL Salam Bilingual nursery is pleased to welcome your son/daughter for the current academic year. Kindly fill in the application form and attach all required documents. Working hours: 7:00 – 13:30.

First: Registration and fees

1- The registration fee for nursery and kindergarten is a non- refundable K.D 50, payable every year.
2- Nursery fee is K.D. 450 every 3 months.
3- Kindergarten fee is K.D. 495 every 3 months.
4- Consumable materials fee is a non-refundable K.D. 30.
5- Parents who wish to pay monthly, can pay K.D. 170 a month, one week in advance.
6- Parents who wish to keep their children at our school longer than scheduled working hours should inform the school management to arrange additional child care services which is for additional cost.
7- No child is admitted unless they provide a copy of passport and residence permit for them and their parents.

Second: Discount and withdrawing Policy

1- If a payment isn’t made by the fifth day of every month, the school has the right to cancel the child’s record automatically without going back to the parent. Also they will not be entitled for a refund because of the responsibility of the nursery towards a third party.
2- In case of registration cancellation or un authorized absence, child’s account cannot be carried forward to next maths (Bank holiday, sick leave, excruciating circumstances).
3- With drawing a child
a. In any part of the month, parents still have to pay full monthly fee.
b. During academic year, the discount is cancelled and fee is calculated on monthly basis.
c. There is a 5% discount for siblings.