Al-Salam Bilingual is an educational nursery that aims at raising children through our fully chosen curriculum that focus on both their education and practical life. Al-Salam Bilingual nursery is a second home to our children where they learn their first step into his education, self-discovery and his own world which is based on Arabic values and patriotism. Since children are the hope of the future and because they are main seed that contributes to building a healthy society, hence the idea of establishing Al-Salam Nursery, which specialises in age groups 2-4 years. It started in academic year 1991/1992 until 2014/2015. The Nursery adopted a simplified Arabic and English language curriculum. In 2015-2016, The system of the nursery change to a bilingual System using a develop English language curriculum.

We aim for children to leave as intellectually qualified leaders

Children will benefit from our international standard programs in a challenging educational and creative environment.

Discovering and developing children’s abilities, intellectual skills, and creativity.
- Developing individual, collective and social skill
- Developing educational curriculum and programs that are authentic and genuine but also up-to-date.
- Recruiting and training well qualified teachers in accordance with international criteria.
- Measuring the quality of outcome and ensuring it matters the mission of our nursery by creating initiative and pioneer generation

Toddler : 2 - 2.5
Pre.KG : 2.5 - 3.5
KG1 : 3.5 - 4.5
KG2 : 4.5 - 5.5

Montessori Room

Building up self-confidence, and strengthening concentration alongside with social awareness and intelligence. .


Our "centers" room is fully equipped to and & guide all the instruction that takes place in the classroom.
We have specialized staff that take care of preparing the centers accordingly with the themes taken & skills needed.
All our centers are age appropriate, and all our activities are carefully selected.

Art Room

1. Firmly establishing new information through artworks
2.Strengthening fine motor skills using art tools
3.Promoting team work spirit through team crafts that are compatible with Religious and National occasions

Our curriculum combines the knowledge of letters and sounds with various topics that connects to the child's everyday life . We are working on developing the child as whole , focusing on all aspects of his/her well being